Harvest Field Church

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Refreshments and chat after an event


Life often challenges our aspirations. Most people have an idea of how they would like things to be in their lives. The road, though, to getting there can be bumpy. Taking the journey on your own can be particularly tough so it's really good to have others who will stick with you and be supportive. Harvest Field Church Cheltenham provides you with a group of people around you who support you in your dreams, aspirations and visions.

Whether it's a vision for a new job, your children getting on better at school or finding a way to serve in Christian ministry you can be sure your friends in Harvest Field Church will be there for you in prayer, encouragement and a willingness to give experienced-based advice where someone has it.

Prayer makes a difference in life. Prayer with others, particularly with others with strong faith in God, is especially effective.

At our Sunday service we take time to pray with one another and for one another. There is an opportunity for everyone to share what they need prayer for at that time. We then pray together in agreement about it and for it on behalf of the one presenting the prayer request.

This type of prayer not only covers things like work issues and family issues but also things like health issues and financial issues. We have had some wonderful answers prayer in regard to the recovering of health and the supply of financial needs.

Words of advice from someone who's already travelled the road you're travelling can be a great help and encouragement. When someone has tackled something you're tackling now his or her encouragement or simple tips can be just what you need at that moment. In Harvest Field Church there's a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom that you can draw on as and when you feel you need it.

Following our praise and worship service on a Sunday morning people usually stay around chatting. Over tea, coffee or squash there's a lot of good conversation goes on about people's latest news, plans and challenges. It's a good time to talk about what you're doing and hear some encouraging thoughts on it from others.

A number of people in our congregation are self-employed running their own businesses. Between them they share ideas and information. As a church we pray for them particularly in regard to work coming in, projects staying on schedule and their finances remaining sound.