Harvest Field Church

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Group of us after the service


Life's easier to live when you have some insight into what's behind things. Jesus and the prophets shared many things about the nature of life and the spiritual background to the world we live in.

What helps in accessing this is to have someone who can bring what they shared - as we have it recorded in the Bible - into focus on our everyday lives in a practical way so that we recognise the insight into life they are providing. Our pastor looks to do exactly this in his sermons, Bible studies and regular messages.

Our church Bible studies and sermons are relevant and practical. We hear about things that are meaningful to our lives and relationships. We get insight into what's behind things so that what's before us is easier to handle. We discover how the Bible has a wealth of guidance and counsel that when we respond to it appropriately enhances our lives and makes us a blessing to others.

What we call "the Gospel" is literally "Good News"! The Bible proclaims this Good News. We are all called to get in on it.

For example, fundamental to this Good News is that Jesus gave His life for us in order that we might be saved from a life apart from and alienated from God our Heavenly Father. So what we need is insight into why we need this salvation, how we personally receive this salvation and how this salvation is such good news to us in our lives.

The words of Jesus, the prophets and the apostles that we have in the Bible are a wonderful revelation of God's will for our well-being and full relationship with Himself. In the teaching at Harvest Field Church Cheltenham is presented exciting insight into this revelation and insight into how we are to respond to it.


Pastor Simon preaching at Sunday service